Video | Interview with Jim Rodgers – Legendary Investor

Jim Rogers is one of the most legendary investors. The core of his philosophy lies in fundamental analysis rather than technical. He’s got a very macro-global approach to figuring out where the next best investment is. Just like all great investors, his approach is at best described as unconventional. Rather than sit at a desk and read financial reports, he takes his analysis beyond. He travels the world, and experiences global economies by being immersed as a consumer and a real person of that society. Taking his BMW motorcycle¬† on a ride across the world, his mission was to understand global economies. His historical bike ride around the world is documented in the best selling book, Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers. He called the boom in Brazil, Russia, India, and China, and was investing in these countries before Wall Street made it available for today’s Americans. This man’s game is a step beyond the typical investor. Be sure to check out our Library for other great books.

This radio interview gives you an idea of the practical approach to investing. What I find interesting about Jim is his ability to say “I don’t know”. It takes alot for one guy to put his ego aside, roll up his sleeves and to a little grunt work. He tries to simplify things by just observing supply and demand. He’s also big on commodities, and has been able to make adjustments to how to view pricing. While others view the down turn in gold as bad investment,¬† he views it as even a better opportunity to buy. While in no rush to buy more at the moment, he seeks to wait and figure out when a bottom will be found in the market. What important when listening to this interview, is to observe his attitude about investing. Constantly, he steps back to become a humble man about what he knows. It is often you see many investors, commit to their “predictions”. Often times that is an attitude that will just get you in trouble. In my opinion, what makes Jim Rogers a great investor, is he leaves his options open to changing his mind at the turn of a dime. This is the winning attitude you should have if you want to be a successful trader or investor.

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