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Stock Market Today

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Stock Market Today

Video updated everyday after the market close and analyzes where the market action is. Watch this video to keep an eye on the latest movers. Indexes, ETFs, stocks, and currencies. Technical levels are plotted for you to give you the edge on the next trading day. What’s happening in the stock market today will prepare you for upcoming breakouts.
There is Too Much Information – The best opportunities are highly focused. You have to know what sectors and industries are hot. Once you know the sector, you must now focus on what companies in that sector are the hottest, finally you must know where the “buying action” is. Find out where the big money is flowing. Using technical analysis and various metrics, we use the information from what’s happening in the stock market today to capture future opportunities.

Yesterday’s Investment Might be a Bad Investment Today – As time goes on, the situation changes. What was a good investment last month might be a terrible investment today. Earnings change, geopolitical events happen, companies change polices and start new project. All these things affect how a stock’s price will perform in the future. That is why you must always follow what’s happening in the stock market today at this very moment. Stay informed.

 Hot stocks can be identified – Before a stock breakout into a new trend there are a few signals to watch out for. You should see low volatility, higher prices, and a steady climb to the pivot point or past high price. However, if you want to catch the move you must know what is happening in the stock market today. Everyday you must review stockcharts to see the progression of a trade setup.  Price levels must be identified, and alerts must be set.



Stock Market Today


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