Video : Million Dollar Traders – Full Documentary

What’s it like being a hedge fund trader?  Those interested in trading stocks, here is a full documentary. Discover the secret world of hedge funds. Watch Million Dollar Traders and learn.  The experiment takes people from all walks of life. An economics student, home maker, MMA Fighter, and a retired military officer. Their mission: to manage 1 million pounds. It is interesting what personality comes out on top in the end. See them navigate the 2008 financial crisis. Get insight into the methods and techniques used by hedge funds. Learn how hedge funds manage risk by diversifying capital across the markets.

It’s interesting to see that this is much a game of psychology. You can see how certain traders handle the stress of managing 1million pounds. You can see other traders start to crack under pressure. Trading is entirely a mind game and this movie greatly illustrates that fact. Fear and greed dominate the mind and one must have those emotions in check to be successful.

Million Dollar Traders Episode 1


In the first episode you are introduced to the traders and their personalities. Anton Kreil heads the team with his no nonsense militaristic style of management. Some of the traders work easily with his personality while others don’t. He sets the groundwork and guides these men an women, yet leaves the ultimate decision to buy or sell up to them. He also gives them the right mindset to trade volatile markets, but some of the traders can’t seem to grasp the concept.

Million Dollar Traders Episode 2


In episode 2 the pressure is on. These traders find themselves navigating the biggest market crash in history. The great recession and financial meltdown of 2008 sends these traders in a tailspin. Some of the traders crack under the psychological pressure. Under constant evaluation, some of the traders reject the guidance of their manager. Some walk, and other stay. The cohesion of the group starts to unravel as the crisis escalates.

Million Dollar Traders Episode 3


As the experiment closes, there is one trader that stands to be number one. The results are quite shocking and unexpected. As the traders end their lessons, some stay on pursue a career in trading. Some of the other were cut out of the program early on as they just couldn’t grasp a successful methodology to be productive in the current market environment.

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