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Choosing the right  books can be confusing. It can be hard to decide exactly what you need to learn. You could waste much time looking in the wrong place. If you’re looking for the best stock market books, look no further.  These are the top ten books of all time. There are thousands of books on the subject of investing. . This is a collection of stock market  books that every stock trader should have. These  investment classics have won the respect of traders all over the world. Don’t be fooled, some of these  books are very old. However, the stock market books  listed here contain nuggets of golden information.  These techniques  have been proven in all market conditions. The wisdom and methods have withstood the test of time, and hold true even in today’s modern electronic markets.

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Market Wizards: Interviews With Top Traders – by Jack D. Schwager

marketwizardsHave you ever wanted to ask a billionaire trader how to make money in the financial markets? I sure if you had the chance to pick their brain, perhaps the big secret to making millions would be revealed. Jack Schwager did just that! Market Wizards is one of the best stock market books. This amazing book goes on a quest across the world to interview some the well known traders, and also the lesser know. Get behind the scenes look of billion dollar hedge funds. What are professional traders REALLY thinking? Learn how they approach the markets. Gain insights never seen before in any stock trading book. Up close and personal interviews with top traders. Schwager breaks new ground with his stock market books. Understand the mind of a trader. Uncover the myths and realities of what trading strategies work. Absolutely Shocking. Market Wizards is a masterpiece. You’ll be surprised to find that making money in the markets is not what you think. Buy Now

The Complete TurtleTrader: How 23 Novice Investors Became Overnight Millionaires by – Michael Covel

completeturtletraderCan a regular guy make millions in the market? This answer to this question unfolded into one of Wall Street’s legendary stories. This stock trading book tells a true story of 23 investors from all walks of life who made millions. They were nick named the “Turtle Traders” by the Wall Street Crowd. Trained under the supervision of Richard Dennis and William Eckhert, these ordinary people were able to learn the secrets of trading in just a few weeks. Some of the Turtles went on to start their own billion dollar hedge-fund. Covel’s stock market books will enlighten you. Learn the Turtle Strategy in detail. One of the newer stock market books, this one is sure to amaze you. Discover the secret algorithm they used. Understand how trading systems work.  Uncover the secret world of hedge funds. The details will shock you. A must read for trend followers. Buy Now

The How to Make Money in Stocks Complete Investing System: Your Ultimate Guide to Winning in Good Times and Bad-By William O’Neil

how_to_make_money_in_stocks Are You Looking for the Next Hot Stock? This is a complete trading system that covers everything from picking the right stock to knowing exactly when to buy and sell. Covers an introduction to technical analysis and chart reading. It’s like many stock market books combined into one. Perhaps the most valuable information in this book is learning which stock are best to buy. The method of picking the right stock is revealed and explained in full detail. This method been proven has a proven track record for up and down markets. Using a special system called CANSLIM, you filter the market down to core stocks that are ready to rise. One of the best stock market books for fundamental analysis.  Know what stock are bad investments. Spot companies that booming. Find the next Apple, Google, or Microsoft. Buy Now


Reminiscences of a Stock Operator-By Edwin Lefevre

RSOA true story that fictionalizes the biography of Jesse Livermore. He was known as he greatest stock trader that ever lived. If you’re looking for stock market books that you can’t put down, this is it! The story is about the life of a famous stock trader. This book reveals in detail, how he started, his methods, and the path towards understanding the markets on the deepest level. The trials and tribulations this man, will give  you  insight of how a trader thinks and attacks the market with precision. Read how Jesse made millions during the biggest stock market crash in history. One of the best stock market books of all time. Gain perspective of the emotional component of day trading. Learn about how fear and greed affect the direction of stocks. This historical account of a trader’s life will enlighten the reader for years to come. Buy Now

How to Trade In Stocks – By Jesse Livermore

stock market booksA Secret Stock Strategy Revealed: Jesse Livermore  the greatest stock traders in history, tells you how to make millions in the stock market. One of the most interesting stock market books on this list. There was much conspiracy around Jesse’s success. When the markets went up he made millions. When the markets went down he make even more! He was accused of manipulating the markets and insider trading. Many blamed him. for the the stock market crashes of the early 1900’s. The President and members of Congress indicted him on several accounts. As a response to public opinion, Jesse wrote down his exact strategy and published it. The simplicity of his trading system is surprising. He reveals step by step methods for analyzing the markets on a technical level. When to buy, when to sell, what stocks move, and how to predict the markets. Buy Now

How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market-By Nicolas Darvas

nicolas_darvasA short story how this man made 2 million dollars while on the road as an entertainer. He studied hundred of stock market books  and spent evenings analyzing the markets. After some time he realized how the market behaved and started to notice patterns. Eventually his small account grew to well over 2 million dollar. This stock trading book is his personal log and instructions of how to approach stock trading. He explains step by step, what factors to look for. See how basic and simple methods make the most money. Learn how to trade part time. Discover how price action can predict future price moves. Spot stocks that are about to move higher. The Darvas method of stock trading is a well known and respected technique.  Learn how he made millions. Buy Now

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications (New York Institute of Finance)
By John J. Murphy

Serious stock traders know technical analysis. It is an essential skill that helps you identify turning points, buy areas, important levels, and much more. In order to understand the markets you must learn to analyze stock charts. This book covers most concepts in technical analysis in a easy to read format. Each page contains stock charts and examples of trading opportunities. Chart patters, candlesticks, support and resistance levels are also cover in this stock trading book. Technical analysis has help traders become more profitable. The more technical indications you can identify, the more profit you can make. Learn to read stock charts like a pro. It is one of the best stock market books specializing in technical analysis. Spot important trading levels. Analyze markets to find the best trading opportunities. Know exactly when to buy stocks by minimizing your risk. Learn to trade like a professional analyst.  Buy Now


Studies in Tape Reading
By Rollo Tape

studies_tape_readingTape reading was a secret art.  Many successful traders in the early days of Wall Street used tape reading. This stock trading book written in the early 1900’s has proven it’s worth today in the modern markets. Written is a simple manner, it explain the ebb and flow of orders in the markets. How to spot heavy buying or selling. It will help you sense momentum in order to target the most profitable trades. This is an investment classic and should be in every stock traders library. For traders who seek to do a little day trading, swing trading, or just have a more precise entry. There are many stock market books related to tape reading. This one covers most topics.  It focuses more on the current moment of the stock market by analyzing price action and stock volume in order to forecast the future direction of a stock or commodity.  Learn to spot unusual volume.  Get a feel of how the markets react to news. Become a more precise trader.Buy Now

 Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, Second Edition
By Steve Nison

japanese_candlestick_chartingThis is a powerful form of technical analysis. Candlestick Charts are the industry standard now. Most charts posted and analyzed are in candlestick form. If you seek to find more trading opportunities in the stock market, this stock trading book will help. This method has very broad usage. Analyze stock, commodities, bonds, forex and other publicly traded financial instrument. Add more power to your trading strategy by using candlestick charts. Easy to read book showing examples, strategy, concept and implementation. Written by Steve Nison the number one authority in candlestick charting. Traders and investors from all around the world have traveled to see his lectures. All this powerful information in one book, you can spot the most profitable trading opportunities. Buy Now

Think and Grow Rich
By Napoleon Hill

think_and_grow_richThis the most important book on the List.  Undoubtedly this book belongs at the top of this list. We put it last so we don’t  “turn-off” you stock traders. This is dead serious. If you’re head is not in the right place you will lose your money. This is not a joke. It is not about stock trading. It’s about you. Breakout credits it’s success and growth to the concepts enclosed in this great book. When stock trading, a proper mindset is necessary for success. A certain personality, drive, emotion is the foundation of making money in any endeavor you approach. Enclosed in this great book is the power to be successful. This was written in 1937 over 70 years ago. It’s still the number one book on success today. All other books take concepts from this original source. This is probably the cheapest book on the list, but well worth the knowledge.  It’s a mind game. Learn to be successful. Buy Now

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