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Having a good set stock charts is necessary to become proficient in  stock trading. There are many services out there but these are highly recommended. Technology is always changing and it is wise to explore new platforms and software the industry has to offer. Stock charts can come free with some online brokers. Learn to become familiar with a platform that suits you.

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Market Club
Scanning stock charts manually takes a considerable time and effort. If you don’t do your homework, you can miss a major move in the stock market. Market Club does all your homework for you. They stay up to date and give market updates everyday on stocks and commodities that are moving. They’ll help you scan for stocks, look for breakouts, scan for patterns and with their daily commentary using technical analysis, you can further your stock trading education to the highest level.

Looking for patterns on stock charts to trade in the markets? This service scans for the most common patterns that lead to profitable trades. Rather than spending hours manually going through hundreds of stock charts, search for patterns with the automated tracker completes the task with just a few clicks. They also have a stock screener  to pick certain stocks meeting your specific criteria. Lots of free features are available on their website. If you upgrade to their paid version of the service your will get real-time quotes, advanced stock charts, backtesting technology, and email alerts.



This service is geared for the daytrader. Because day traders react on the moment and are very faced paced,  real-time information is required to take advantage on short term market opportunities. You get real time stock charts, alerts, news and much more. The interface is minimal and simple keep things strait to point. Video tutorials available to give you an idea of the trading platform they provide. Check it out at:

This site is popular amongst chartists. They have the nicest stock charts on the web. Has everything you need to become a professional technical analyst. All indicators available, charts scans, user groups for interaction, charting school, public stock charts to see how others do their charts. This is a pure charting service. No extras. What I like most about their subscription service, is that you can save your notated stock charts and pull them up where ever there is a computer and internet connection available.

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