3 Legit Breakout Trading Systems That Every Trader Should Know

You’re probably thinking where Breakout Theory Trading System came from. It’s actually a combination of different trading systems.   They’ve been proven to work, and have been profitable for many. There’s no hype or up-sell, so read on.  Links are provided to verify that the information here are 100% legit. No need to spend thousands of dollars to figure out how to make money in the market. These trading systems will point you in the right direction. Much credit is given to the following legendary traders and investors. The great thing about these systems are:  They’re cheap, simple, and easy to understand. Any of these trading systems can be purchase on Amazon for under $15. No kidding.

Jesse Livermore’s Trading System

Jesse Livermore was a legendary trader born in the early 1900’s who has won the respect of today’s modern traders and investors.  People like Warren Buffet, Paul Tudor Jones, Bill Gross pay homage to Jesse’s philosophy on investing. What’s so amazing about Jessie’s trading system, is it’s simple and to the point. Application of his methodology in today’s market environment has produced successful and profitable trades.  Jesse trades in breakouts by using a top down strategy, taking into consideration overall market price action, sector movement, and individual stocks’ price action. His  trading system is so simple that many beginners are turned off. Take time to read his book and you will realize that trading stocks is not complicated.

Get Jesse’s System Here.


William O’Neil Breakout System

William O’Neil is also the founder of the newspaper Investors Business Daily which has won the respect of traders and investors worldwide. He also publishes research that many professional investment firms. The core of this trading system focuses on finding leaders of the market.  The methodology is called CANSLIM. It filters the market down to a list of stocks that have good  fundamentals.  These factors ensure high probability of success. You will find stocks that produce the biggest trends.  In a bull or bear market, you can make money.  This trading system provides a solid foundation for success.

Get CANSLIM Trading System Here


Turtle Trader Breakout System

This system was invented by William Eckhardt who currently runs a commodities hedge fund Eckhardt Trading Company. This trading system is precise and powerful.  This trading  system is algorithmic. Using complex mathematics and statistical analysis, it can precisely tell you when to buy or sell.  Despite the underlying complexity, the application is simple. It includes position sizing techniques, and application of various technical indicators.  which has been consistently brought phenomenal returns.

Get Turtle Trading System Here


Traits of a Good Trading System

*Methods Proven to Work.

*Catch the Biggest Trends.

*Gives You Precise Entry Points.

*Know Exactly when to Buy or Sell.

*Can be applied to any markets you trade.

How These Trading System Will Help You

*You Will Develop Your Own Style.

*Gain insight to how trading systems are created.

*Start Trading  Right Away.

*You Will Learn to be Systematic, without emotion.

*You Will Learn How to Read Markets.


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